About Me

Christopher Benson is an educator and writer in Colorado. He earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Wheaton College, M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri, and M.A. in Liberal Arts from the Graduate Institute of St. John’s College. Published work has appeared in The New Criterion, Christianity Today, Image, Books & Culture, The Weekly Standard, Christian Scholar’s Review, Modern Reformation, First Things, The City, and The Christian Century.

Header Image: Makoto Fujimura, “Charis-Kairos” (The Tears of Christ). Mineral Pigments, Gold on Belgium Linen, 80×64 inches. From the artist:

I painted the five large-scale images that illuminate this volume, The Four Holy Gospels, using water-based Nihonga materials (Japanese style painting), with my focus on the tears of Christ (John 11) – tears shed for the atrocities of the past century and for our present darkness.

Charis is a series of paintings I did in 2008 (I had a major exhibit in NYC at Dillon Gallery, titled ‘Charis’), so the painting is already part of a greater body of works. This particular series is called Charis-Kairos, and I do mean it in the sense of the original Greek of ‘grace time.’ ‘The Tears of Christ’ is a subtitle given to this particular work for the Four Holy Gospels project, so it is not a direct translation of the Greek, but an additional title given to the piece. I will be creating other ‘Charis-Kairos’ works in the future with different subtitles.

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