Rowan Williams on theological aesthetics


David Jones, “The Artist” (1927)

In 2005, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, delivered the Clark Lectures at Trinity College, Cambridge University. For anyone interested in theological aesthetics, these lectures are worth pondering. They were published in a book entitled, Grace and Necessity: Reflections on Art and Love. 

Grace, Necessity, and Imagination: Catholic Philosophy and the Twentieth Century Artist

  • Lecture 1: Modernism and the Scholastic Revival (PDF)
  • Lecture 2: David Jones (PDF). David Jones (1895-1974) was a Welsh Catholic painter, engraver, and modernist poet. T. S. Eliot called him “one of the most distinguished writers of my generation.” W. H. Auden praised his poem In Parenthesis as “the greatest book [ever] about the Great War” and The Anathemata as one of the “truly great poems in Western Literature.”
  • Lecture 3: Flannery O’Connor (PDF). Flannery O’Connor (1925-1964) was an American Catholic novelist and regarded as one of the greatest writers of short fiction.
  • Lecture 4: God and the Artist (PDF)

Reviews of Grace and Necessity


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