You are what you love

In The Soul’s Journey Into God, Franciscan theologian Bonaventure writes about contemplating God through his image stamped upon our natural powers, namely memory, intellect, and choice. He summarizes, “the memory leads to eternity, the understanding to truth and the power of choice to the highest good.”

Choice is found in deliberation, judgment, and desire. Here is what Bonaventure says about desire:

Now desire tends principally toward what moves it most; but what moves it most is what is loved most, and what is loved most is happiness. But happiness is had only in terms of the best and ultimate end. Therefore human desire seeks nothing except the highest good or what leads to or has some likeness to it. So great is the power of the highest good that nothing can be loved by a creature except out of desire for it. Creatures, when they take the image and copy for the Truth, are deceived and in error. 


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