Who ruined the humanities?

David Brooks notes, “A half-century ago, 14 percent of college degrees were awarded to people who majored in the humanities. Today, only 7 percent of graduates in the country are humanities majors.” Here is a round-up of recent writing that explores the decline. I begin with my favorite article:

Wall Street Journal | July 12, 2013
Lee Siegel, Who Ruined the Humanities?

Be sure to read the rest:

The Weekly Standard | June 17, 2013
Peter Augustine Lawler, Defending the Humanities

New York Times | June 20, 2013
David Brooks, The Humanist Vocation

New York Times | June 24, 2013Stanley Fish, A Case for the Humanities Not Made

Wall Street Journal | June 30, 2013
Peter Berkowitz, Illiberal Education and the ‘Heart of the Matter’

The Weekly Standard | July 8, 2013
Peter Berkowitz, Does Harvard Hate Humanities?

New Republic | July 17, 2013
Rosanna Warren, The Decline of the Humanities – and Civilization

New Republic | August 20, 2013
Christina H. Paxon, The Economic Case for Saving the Humanities

The Chronicle of Higher Education | August 26, 2013
Donald L. Drakeman, The Highly Useful Crisis in the Humanities


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