What is Continental philosophy of religion?

Edward F. Mooney, Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Syracuse University, argues that Soren Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling is mother and father to continental philosophy of religion, its Ur-text and womb.” He then asks, “But what is Continental philosophy of religion after all?” (p. 115).

In a nutshell, the Continental movement is marked by labor under the shadow of Nietzsche’s death of God, under the associated threats and realities of loss of unified authors, selves, texts, and ethics, and under the loss of confidence in epistemology, ontology, and representation. All of this labor can be filed under the headings of absurdity, impossibility, and aporia. Take it on faith, all of this arrives newborn and wailing in the labored but joyous deliveries of Fear and Trembling (p. 116).

– “On Faith, the Maternal, and Postmodernism” in Excursions with Kierkegaard


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