Four questions of conscience

Friedrich Nietzsche formulated four questions of conscience that I think would make for a fascinating, albeit exposed, job interview, first date, or party game:

You run on ahead? — Do you do so as a herdsman? or as an exception? A third possibility would be as a deserter. . . . First question of conscience.

Are you genuine? or only an actor? A representative? or that itself which is represented? — Finally you are no more than an imitation of an actor. . . . Second question of conscience.

Are you one who looks on? or who sets to work? — or who looks away, turns aside. . . . Third question of conscience.

Do you want to accompany? or go on ahead? or go off alone? . . . One must know what one wants and that one wants. — Fourth question of conscience.

— “Maxims and Arrows” in Twilight of the Idols


One thought on “Four questions of conscience

  1. Hey Christopher,

    Great stuff! I have a question: I have a client who is wanting to get in contact with you (I think you’d benefit from knowing him). Could you email me at so I could pass your contact information along to him?

    Thanks! 🙂

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