A Better Conversation on Homosexuality

Christianity Today published my lengthy review essay on their website. Here is the introduction:

Just at the point of exhaustion and irritability, when we think the debate on homosexuality in the church has reached its end—with every position articulated, every line drawn in the sand, every constituency ghettoized—other voices emerge to remind us that the conversation must proceed. Despite anxiety for the investigation office and the church, the conversation must proceed because God has called us to this annoyance as he has called previous generations of Christians to other annoyances; the interpretation of Scripture requires us to think deeply and wait patiently upon God; the shalom of the church is at risk if we close down the search for agreement; and, lest we forget, some of God’s precious children live upon the rack.

Read the whole essay, “A Better Conversation on Homosexuality.”


2 thoughts on “A Better Conversation on Homosexuality

  1. It might be a pet peeve of mine but wouldn’t a better conversation about homosexuality start with Christians acknowledging that the word ‘homosexual’ is archaic? Or could we start by asking why Christians (and as far as I am aware it is only Christians) continue to use this word? There must be a reason why Christians are so reluctant to use the word gay. Other difficult conversations are not blighted by the incivility of one group refusing to address the other group by the name that they [their opponents] use for themselves.

    • Joe: I am interested in a post-sexual identity culture in the church, where gay/straight or homosexual/heterosexual would no longer be markers of personhood.

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