Christian insights from an atheist thinker

From Slavoj Žižek:

When I, a human being, experience myself as cut off from God, at that very moment of the utmost abjection, I am absolutely close to God, since I find myself in the position of the abandoned Christ.
On Belief

As every true Christian knows, love is the work of lovethe hard and arduous work of repeated ‘uncoupling’ in which, again and again, we have to disengage ourselves from the inertia that constrains us to identify with the particular order we were born into.
The Fragile Absolute or, Why is the Christian Legacy Worth Fighting For?


2 thoughts on “Christian insights from an atheist thinker

  1. The first quote can be found, in various expressions, throughout the works of Simone Weil, especially Gravity and Grace and Waiting for God. Weil spoke of “atheism as a purification.” The problem is that the early Gnostics spoke in the same way, as did the Cathars of medieval France. And, of course, Žižek is an atheist. So, the real question is how far this existentialist mode of critique is compatible with (if at all) the life-affirming, creation-affirming God of the covenant.

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