New Tunes: Feist, Big Deal, Lana Del Rey, and Coldplay

Once you leave school behind, where there’s a constant exchange of music among friends, years can go by without being introduced to new music. Thank God for the music critics at NPR! If you need to refresh your aural landscape, check out their 25 favorite new albums of 2011 (so far) and fall music preview, where I first heard Lana Del Rey and Big Deal (see the videos below). My favorite albums this year have been Radiohead’s The King of Limbs and Bon Iver’s Bon Iver. While Adele’s 21 doesn’t make the cut, I do love select songs from her: “Someone Like You,” “Make You Feel My Love” (Bob Dylan cover), and “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (Bonnie Raitt cover). I predict that my favorite albums from the fall will be Feist’s Metals and Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto. Let me know if any of these songs resonate with you, and be sure to share your picks from 2011.

Feist, “How Come You Never Go There” (Metals)

Big Deal, “Chair” (Lights Out)

Lana Del Rey, “Video Games” (Video Games)

Coldplay, “Paradise” (Mylo Xyloto)


2 thoughts on “New Tunes: Feist, Big Deal, Lana Del Rey, and Coldplay

  1. I was listening to Robin Hilton’s and Bob Boilen’s fall music review podcast while running last week and it woke me right up even though it was dark and stupid early. Lot’s to like. I agree that Feist’s Metal is a worthwhile album. I’m on my fourth listen and still finding things to like though it isn’t the old upbeat Feist I remember. Her track Commotion with that weird male chorus reminds me a lot of the young Kate Bush.
    Also to like – Lana del Rey is a real siren, there’s so much to love in her powerful voice. Also liked June Tabor and Oysterband on that lineup – “Bonny Bunch of Roses” was an awesome track and took me back to her work with Silly Wizard and Maddy Prior – amazing that her voice is better now than it was all those years back. A definite must have for my running playlist.
    One of my big picks for 2011 is the new Wilco album, very subtle and textured music.

    • Hi Mike. It’s nice to know that someone else relies on the music critics at NPR for exposure to new music. You’re a hip and happenin’ Anglican chaplain. Feist became known to me like she became known to most people: the Apple commercial featured her “1234” song. I have yet to buy an album from her. To start, which album of hers would you purchase: “Let It Die,” “The Reminder,” or “Metals”? I wonder if Coldplay’s new album will rise to the superlative level of “X&Y,” “Parachutes,” and “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” I thought their last album, “Viva La Vida,” was overall disappointing with a few exceptions.

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